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Who doesn’t love a good folder hack? Using a records system for your staff to keep important documents will provide you and your team with a one-stop-shop for everything directory-related. Here are some essentials you need to consider for your personnel records.

Folder type

File folders with pockets are ideal for this system since you will store sticky notes and other smaller documents in them. Two-pocket shirts like these on Amazon are ideal. Be sure to ask your teacher friends if they still have any before you go shopping.

style guide

No matter the size of your staff, a style guide is a requirement for a consistent directory. Style guides can be as broad or specific as you want, but key things to have in your guide include, but are not limited to:

        • Color pallet
        • Graphic elements
        • Fonts
        • Theme label
        • AP Style Standards

Having a physical copy that each staff member can flip through as they create and edit can minimize errors and maximize the development of succinct themes.

The ABCD of subtitles

Even after reviewing and revising, students can mix up the subtitle structure. Having an index card that labels the ABCD of writing subtitles (Attention-Getter, Background Information, Additional Information, Direct Quote) is a tool that students will refer to time and time again when writing subtitles. securities. You can tape it to the inside folder pocket to make sure it’s visible every time they open their folder.


Many times the students will sit and watch the white spread of fate, overcome by the void. Having inspiration to refer to is a great way to spark their creativity and experiment with layouts that match your theme composition. Each week you can show off great sample boards and print them out in color for your staff to keep on file.

Student lists

Midway through the year, you and your staff may start to see John’s and Jane’s trends that keep popping up on all of your prints. Take the time to assess your student coverage to obtain from each staff member a list of students who are not covered. This list is great to keep in their file, so they keep them in mind for modular packages and citations.

Interview Questions

Having a few questions to ask students during interviews is a valuable resource to keep on file. Cut them out on an index card so students can easily grab it when they’re on the go. Referring to these questions can prevent the sound of crickets during an interview.

Sticky Notes

Sometimes students need a pick-me-up during deadlines and stressful times of the year. Keep sticky notes in each folder and encourage them to write positive messages to their desks. Who knows, maybe you’ll have one too!


Everyone loves a good checklist. Staff can benefit from checklists for copying, designing, photography and overall delivery. Having a laminated to-do checklist is a great way to reuse your checklists for each deadline. Access our Directory Suite curriculum to see some sample checklists you can print for your staff.

Have fun

At the very beginning of the year, distribute your files and organize a design contest for the best look of your staff. Allow them to own it so they are less likely to lose it. You can also keep their records at their stations, so they never end up in the wrong place.

The key to this folder system is to be consistent. Use these as much as you can during the first five minutes of class to review the style guide and checklists that students should refer to. The more you use them with the class, the more likely they will develop this habit as well. Happy creating files!


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