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As a proud owner—uh, renter, lol – from a shoebox sized apartment in NYC, I learned to maximize closet space and get creative with storage. I’ve also spent a lot of time and money finding out what works and what doesn’t in terms of shelving, bins, baskets, hanging systems, closet rods, clothes racks and , basically, any other smart contraption or space-saving solution floating around the internet. Now I’m sharing everything I’ve learned, along with my must-have storage products! – because you (and your clothes) deserve the best of the best.

Here are 22 closet organization ideas that will make your life come back so much easier. If you’re working with an intimidating large open closet that could use some ~structure~, we’ve got plenty of hanging organizers, acrylic drawers, and even a rolling cart to fill the space in a totally functional way. On the contrary, if you’re trying to organize a super-small or oddly structured closet, little essentials (like heavy-duty velvet hangers, fabric bins, or a purse hanger) will make all the difference (hint: you can find all that and more below). So keep scrolling to unleash your inner Marie Kondo!

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Use chic and functional hangers

Home-it Premium Velvet Heavy Duty (Pack of 50)

First step in organizing your closet: throw away your old, mismatched hangers that keep breaking and replace them with a uniform set to create a cleaner, crisper look. Pro tip: Sturdy velor blouses like these will keep even your most delicate blouses from falling off.

Fold bulky items like sweaters and jeans

The Laundress 6 Tier Cotton Hanging Organizer

Even if you’re #TeamHanger for life, there’s no denying that some clothes simply just fold better. A six-tier hanging organizer really is the best of both worlds.

Break up your closet rods with a hanging organizer

StorageWorks Hanging Closet Organizer with Clothes Rail

If you’re short on space but still want to fold up a few items, this cubicle-shaped hanging organizer should do the trick.

Use storage baskets

West Elm Bamboo Fabric Storage Bins

Or, if that’s not your thing, try folding heavy and/or bulky clothes into nice storage bins and place them on the shelf above your hanging clothes instead.

Invest in a closet organization system

17 Story Freestanding Closet Organizer System

If you’re stuck with a tiny excuse for a closet, investing in a freestanding system like this might be the best solution. Plus, it’s fun to style! Whether you decide to display your coolest pieces or choose a color palette and pull closet staples accordingly, a freestanding system is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Hang your handbags

Yamazaki Home Chain Handbag Hanger

No matter how much we love our handbags, storing them can be a real hassle. This customizable waterfall-style hanger, which can be hung in the closet, hung on a door, or screwed into a wall, keeps them organized and wrinkle-free.

Or! Arrange them above your hanging clothes

Yamazaki Home Purse Organizer

We also have a smart organization solution for people who prefer to stack their clutches, purses and wallets!

Hang up your boots

SUNTRADE Double Adjustable Clips Boot Hangers

Just like handbags, boots can be a major source of frustration when organizing your closet. Hanging them with protective clips will maximize space while preventing wear and tear.

Add a nice rolling cart

Container Store Sage Green 3 Tier Rolling Cart

Store miscellaneous items that don’t quite belong in this cute three-tier rolling cart to make them less miscellaneous!

Buy a shoe rack

Container Store 12 Tier White Shoe Rack Over The Door

For heels, sandals and sneakers, some kind of shoe rack is essential. This high quality luggage rack can hold nearly 40 pairs of shoes.

Separate your coats

Yamazaki Home Leaning Shelf Coat Rack

If you like the idea of ​​a closet alternative but don’t have enough space for a full self-contained system, add this perfect little baby for storing outerwear to your cart.

Adopt wall hooks

West Elm Loop Metal Wall Hooks (Set of 3)

Wall hooks don’t have to be eyesores or an afterthought! Try incorporating these pretty golds for a chic, minimalist look that won’t take up too much space.

Opt for acrylic drawers

Pottery Barn Teen Wood and Acrylic Beauty Tower

If you have the space, consider moving a small chest of drawers into your closet (either under or next to your hanging clothes), as having everything you need in one place will make your life a little easier. This tower’s clear acrylic drawers, which can store more than beauty products!, will help you find what you need when You need it.

Fold clothes quickly and efficiently for the whole family

Genisidea Folding Shirt Board

Watch out, parents! If your closet is spotless but your child’s closet is generally a disaster, try giving them these nifty contraptions that make it easier to fold clothes. “My kids love it and they are 11-17. Folds so perfectly like clothes on display in a clothing store,” writes one reviewer. “In fact, doing laundry is a little more fun when you start seeing the pile of perfectly folded shirts.”

Use a clothes rack

Homary Contemporary Rail Linen Rack

It’s not a freestanding closet and it’s not quite a coat rack either – it’s the perfect in-between! This contemporary black clothes rack with gold accents features a sturdy rod and two shelves for all your storage needs. And it’s so beautiful to look at.

Use separators

Kosiehouse Shelf Divider for Wood Closet

No room for storage bins above your closet rod? Noooo problem, these DIY dividers are just as useful.

Show off your jewelry

Pottery Barn Aubrey Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

Storing your jewelry on a wall organizer is the best way to ensure it doesn’t get tangled.

Use stackable baskets under your hanging clothes

Modern Woven Rattan Round Storage Bins

Deep storage bins disguised as trendy decor?! I’m sold.

Label everything

Phomemo D30 Label Maker – Mini Label Maker

Even if you’re not a type A girl, having all your shelves, bins, and boxes labeled will do you good. Trust me.

After! Drawers!

Elfa Platinum Wide Drawer Solution

Another closet floor storage option, these popular solutions feature sliding mesh material drawers for full visibility and accessibility.

Maximize your space

ClosetMaid Closet System

Regardless of the size of your closet, there’s likely plenty of dead space that could be put to better use. Get yourself a sophisticated closet system that will allow you to separate parts of your closet and truly utilize all that space.

Separate rooms by season, color or type of clothing with dividers

ERA Accents 30 Hanging Clothes Closet Dividers

Take your beloved color-matched wardrobe up a notch with…wait…color-coordinated dividers! Exciting stuff, friends!

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