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Dressing rooms are the epitome of luxury. While, yes, they’re a great place to store your clothes, shoes, and accessories, walk-in closets can also become a respite from the rest of your home (if done right). But even if you have a lot of space to work, it’s easy to confuse your affairs, especially if there isn’t a proper organizational system in place. This is where these inspiring dressing ideas get in the game.

Whether you are looking to transform part of your bedroom into a walk-in closet or to revamp what you already have, we have plenty of ideas to help you make the most of your space, small or large. Keep in mind that there are two main factors to consider: the style and function of the room. In addition to finding an inviting design, it is just as important to opt for an efficient layout and organization system to create a sense of order, whether it is with baskets, color-coded shelving or solutions of additional storage. (Psst, get some more smart closet organization tips here.)

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High and low baskets

Use baskets to give an entire house. Keep anything you can reach more frequently in the lower baskets, and place all out-of-season items high up.



Functional island

Islands are ideal to include in larger walk-in closets. Take inspiration from LA Closet Design and add a marble island to balance a sleek white design.


Makeup board

Bring a make-up table in your closet to help you get ready with ease. Store your everyday items on a deep shelf, hang a mirror, and throw in a comfy stool to create the ultimate setup.

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Featuring faux fur accents, marble counters and a plush ottoman, this closet has a luxurious and elegant look. Incorporate full length mirrors throughout the space to make it more spacious.


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Smart storage

For a simple yet effective solution, add dressers and shoe racks to your space. Don’t forget to look up: additional luggage and bags can easily be stored on high shelves.



Jewelry wall

Instead of using jewelry boxes, drawers, or shelves for your accessories, try hanging them on an empty wall. This makes it easier to showcase the coins you own and find the one that suits you best.

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Accessories on display

The way you place accessories on the shelves can determine the overall appearance of the closet. Install light strips everywhere to illuminate your collection.

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Color coded shelves

Color coding your wardrobe is eye-catching, but it also makes choosing an outfit easier. Hang a neon sign in a vibrant hue to personalize and brighten up the space.

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This walk-in closet has tons of drawers and shelves for hats and shoes. Instead of displaying your bags on the shelves, find hooks to hang them.

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Full neutral

The neutral color of this closet gives off an impression of sophistication. Here, bags and shoes are neatly arranged on shelves; clothes are hung from rods; the drawers are used for additional storage.

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